Tuesday, May 15, 2007

FinaL AccesmEnt O4....da GrOup..WeLL DoNe GuyS!!

MinE, Niq n Me wif oUr DesiGn..
WearIng bY Dilla 'malaySia's Most Beautiful'

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

ABP 06

RosYam Nor wEaring my 'sTar Wars' inspired tUxedo....Not CoNvenTionaL
HabiB JeweLs Brooch which iS cost Of RM 58,000..

Zed ZaiDi ( Best BuddY ) wearing Black TuxeDo wif Vest n HabiB JeweLs BroOch Cost Of RM 28,000 + RiTa Rudaini

Felix AguS

RosYam Nor, Wa n LiaNa JasmAy Red CarpeT ABP 06

Did 3 tuxedo 4 ABP 06, RoSyam Nor, Zed ZaiDi n Felix Af.....

Friday, May 4, 2007

favouriTe parfume

Hugo Boss In Motion

My GoOd FrEns

JezMine n niQ

U guys Helped Me A loT's

Went To tahlil

Went tO tahlil ArwaH ayaH mY GoOd frEn..RazMan Ramli..
En Ramli pAssed away on 03/maY/07
Heart AttaCk..

FasHiOn IlLusTration

a FeW illustration donE

SinCe Part 1

DeSign Diz seMesTer

'ChinA AnciEnt Warrior'

Using reD Joel canVas wif dRagon silk scrEen EffeCt

n litte bit Of embroIderY...